Karnataka Housing Board was established under Karnataka Housing Board Act 1962 as a successor to the Mysore Housing Board, which was constituted in the year 1956. 

The primary objective of KHB is ‘to make such schemes and to carry out such works as are necessary for the purpose of dealing with and satisfying the need of housing accommodation’.  With this directive KHB endeavors to provide Housing to the people of Karnataka at affordable cost and therefore, is the most important agency for housing throughout Karnataka.

Our Vision:

To improve quality of life by establishing self-contained communities with State – of – the art amenities that are In harmony with the environment

Our Mission:


The Board consists of 7 official members and 6 non – official members including Chairman. The government has appointed presently 5 non – official members including Chairman. The Government of Karnataka nominates the Chairman and appoints the Housing Commissioner, Chief Engineer (General Manager – Technical), Secretary (General Manager – HRD), Controller of Finance (General Manager – Finance) and Deputy Commissioner Recovery (General Manager - Recovery). The Housing Commissioner is the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer as per the Act. The Corporate office is situated on 3rd and 4th Floor of Cauvery Bhavan, KG Road. 

Information Technology:

a.   Computer Literary almost complete:  Use of Computers has attained an important place in the administration of KHB. Official correspondence is being regularly made, using computers and IT tools. 90% of the department staff are familiar with IT related utilities.

b.   Implementation of MIS for Allotment:  MIS has been implemented in the customer service sector along with an exclusive customer service center that is being handled by CanBank Computer Services Limited( CCSL), Bangalore. This has ushered in centralized allotment. Information is being regularly updated on the web site: http://www.khbcustomerinfo.com on vacant house and sites.

c.   Information of GIS:  The older method of tracking procedures and recording layout maps, relied greatly on manual generation. This is being terminated and centralized, to avail the best technology affordable by IT and time. Although the initial setup is requiring a large investment of time to collect and input the data.

d.   Information Kiosk: KHB has also installed an information KIOSK at the Head Office initially, to provide customer related information round the clock.

e.   Interactive Voice Response System : KHB has launched IVRS to the customer to get information in allotment of various projects etc. this facility is available for 24 hours. 

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