Constitution of the Board :

        The Karnataka Slum Clearance Board was constituted during July 1975 under the Provisions of the Karnataka Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act 1973.

The Board consists of 5 non official members and 8 official members and the Chairman is the Head of the Board. The commissioner of the Board is the Chief Executive Officer and responsible for implementation of programmes of the Board. Certain amendments to Karnataka Slum Clearance Board Act as passed in the Legislature, have been issued in the Govt. Order dt. 06/09/2002.



Main Objectives of the Board :

  1. To take up environmental improvement clearance and redevelopment of the slums.
  2. To enable slum dwellers to live in hygienic conditions by providing basic amenities like drinking water, toilets, street light, drains, roads, community bath rooms, community toilets, etc.,
  3. To construct new houses to the slum dwellers and to upgrade their existing houses.
  4. To prevent unauthorized constructions in said slum areas.
  5. To identify and declare the slum areas in accordance with the provision of KSA (I & C) Act 1973.
  6. To take up socioeconomic survey in the slum in order to improve socio economic conditions of the slum dwellers.


        The functions of the Karnataka Slum Clearance Board intend to cover all the declared slum areas existing in the jurisdictions of the City Corporation / City, Municipalities / Town Municipalities and Town Panchayaths in the State for the slum improvement / Clearance / rehabilitation of the slum dwellers.

No. of Slums and its Population :

        As per survey conducted in 1994 by KSCB there are 2491 slum areas in the State. Out of which 473 Slum areas are in Bangalore City. It is estimated that the population of the slums in the State is about 30.46 lakhs, which works out 17.02% of the State's urban population. Totally 1909 slums are declared in the state and 204 slums are declared in Bangalore City under the Slum Clearance Board Act (I&C) 1973.

Environmental Improvement Of Slums :

        As per KSCB Act 1973, the Board is providing basic amenities namely drinking water, street light, community latrines, community bathroom, drains, roads, storm water drain to the declared slums.

Constructions of EWS Houses :

        The Board has a programme of construction of the houses for the slum dwellers. This programme is being implemented mainly in the existing     slum dwellers. This programme is being implemented mainly in the existing slums by removing the existing huts and construction houses in the same place, further some of water logging and low lying areas slums are rehabilitated.

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